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Monster of the Week RPG at Indie GoGo

I learned of this RPG on episode 122 of the Canon Puncture podcast, and it sounds like a lot of fun.  The author, a New Zealander by the name of Michael Sands, has been working on this for several years and bases it on the Apocalypse World hack.  The game, in short, is your own TV show along the lines of Buffy meets X-Files meets Supernatural meets Hellboy.  Good enough for me!  Episode 123 Rich talks about running MotW and finds it a very different experience than Apocalypse World and the impression that I get is that he thinks it’s a good adaptation with many subtle differences to AW.

If you want in on the beta program, you need to support the Indie Go Go project in the next 40 hours, it closes at 11:59pm Pacific Time Sunday night.  It is funded and will see print, but buying in now gets you additional material, PDFs, and a nice little bump to your karma for doing a good thing

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