Upcoming Arizona Game Conventions – late 2017, early 2018

Rincon is returning to Tucson September 29 to October 1, 2017 at the Sheraton Hotel.  I’ve attended this convention a few times and always had lots of fun.  Definitely recommended.  The Tucson people have a YUUUUGE gaming library that you can borrow from, and tons of good eats to be had in the area.


A new to me event is Crit Hit AZ, a group that runs a (the?) game room at Phoenix ComicCon.  They run multiple events throughout the year, such as a day to support the Souljourner Center, a domestic violence service organization.  Their most recent convention was in July at the Phoenix Airport Hilton, I would expect similar timing and possibly the same location for 2018.  Like MaricopaCon, they fund their convention via Kickstarter and that will kick off sometime in January 2018.


We have the Arizona Game Fair on February 9-11 at the Mesa Convention Center.  Admission for all three days in advance, if their prices from last year hold steady, looks like $30 for adults.  Their web site is in transition and has some info for last year still up and no info for this year up yet, I’m sure that will be changing soon.  But you can sign up for their mailing list, so that’s worthwhile if you’re in a position to attend.  I’ve heard no reports, good or bad, as to how their event was this year.


And I assume that MaricopaCon will be returning in early August 2018.

Speaking of MaricopaCon, that’s what I’m attending right now.  Thus far I’ve gotten in three games that are new to me (Colt Express, Kittens in a Blender, and Boss Monster) and seen several friends that I pretty much only get to see at game conventions.  So fun is being had.  MaricopaCon, as stated above, is funded via Kickstarter in January/February and chances are very low that any memberships will be available at the door.  This is my second year attending, and this year I got to haul my wife to it.

Last year a friend of mine had purchased an extra ticket for someone who was unable to attend, so I got in for free.  This year I purchased three memberships and was able to give one to a friend of mine who is celebrating his birthday this week, so I got to pay it forward and that was cool.  I’m hoping that he, and some other local friends of mine, will actually buy memberships next year so more of my gaming companions will be there to share the insanity.


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