I LOVE IT when inspiration strikes!

There’s been a game design that’s been sitting in the deep dark corners of my mind (and as a file on my iPhone) for several years now. This morning, at about 3:30, it popped its head up and said “Remember me? Here’s a way to begin!”

I started recording ideas, and I also started a database to see if a thought I had for printing the terrain tiles would work. And it works perfectly….

And conveniently, I am at a break between classes, so now is an absolutely perfect time to work on it!

If things go well, I might have a alpha test set ready when we go to Phoenix at the end of the month. I’ll talk more about it later, I’ll only say now that playing Betrayal At House On The Hill, and Alhambra, are significant inspirations.

Be fwightened, be vewy vewy fwightened!

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