If you are a fan of Girl Genius, you might want this game

Killer Robot Games has funded the sequel to their game, Legendary Showdown, by somehow coopting the skills behind Girl Genius, Phil and Kaja Foglio, and Gunnerkrigg Court‘s Tom Sidell.

The game is card-based combat between characters: you equip your peeps with great gear while trying to pass off crap on your opponent, and vice versa. Eventually it turns in to a fight, but with lots of permutations and trickery. The video for the game looks really good.

The Kickstarter is massively overfunded, you can get a copy of the game for $38 (+S/H) along with lots of pretty awesome coins and magnets and a copy of the original Legendary Showdown, which is based on Dr. McNinja.

Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic is for 2-7(!) players and has LOTS of cards, and card from this set can be combined with the original game. The Kickstarter has seven days to go, and they are estimating delivery for July of this year. That might be optimistic, we shall see!

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