Blood-spattered white picket fences: zombie hunting in the 1950s!

Exploding Rogue Studios has put forth an RPG game set during the Red Scare 1950s called Dead Scare, in which it isn’t just women and children first, it’s women and children only!

The game designer Daniel Solis talked about several Kickstarter projects in his blog today that are nearing their funding deadline, amongst them was Dead Scare. It only has 5 days remaining and are less than $100 from their goal, so they’ll make it. The game is unique in that you’re not the Mighty Zombie Slayer, you’re the suburban housewife or the kid who has to defend the house. It’s a game that explores aspects of society that are not normally touched upon in most games, and it is also being published by a four woman team!

For $15 you can get the PDF of the game, plus digital rewards, a print copy will set you back $30 plus shipping.

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  • wynnmercere  On March 5, 2015 at 8:15 am

    I’m curious if the Zombie fascination in games and media is ever going to run its course. Even vampires haven’t gained this much traction.

    • waynezombie  On March 5, 2015 at 10:02 am

      I share your curiosity. All of the major monster factions, including zombies, are public domain so anyone can use them. And they’ve all seen lots of change from sparkly vampires to fast zombies. I would’ve thought it was a fad that had peaked, but it seems to be continuing. I only own two zombie movies: Warm Bodies and Shaun of the Dead, a rom com and a comedy, because I’m not really that big of a horror fan.

      Time will tell. (And for the record, Spare Brains has nothing to do with zombies: I started carrying a PDA in the ’90s and referred to it as my spare brain)

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