The Don’t Rest Your Head boardgame

Don’t Rest Your Head, or DRYH as I’ll subsequently refer to it, is literally a crazy little RPG from Fred Hicks of Evil Hat. The basic premise is that all of the players are insomniacs, but they have something different about them: their insomnia grants them access to the Mad City. The problem is, when you have access to the Mad City, the Mad City has access to you and its denizens don’t like you.

You’re exhausted, you’re being chased by nightmares, and if you fall asleep you’re in serious trouble.

I’ve never played the RPG. I’ve read the rules, and I find it quite intriguing, but I just don’t have enough people in my area right now to launch a game. I’m also a little iffy on the dice mechanics, but as I haven’t attempted to run or play it, that’s probably just unfamiliarity. But I’m very intrigued by the concept. Evil Hat also published a fiction collection called Don’t Read This Book. I love the title! And I haven’t read it.

Well, Evil Hat is running a Kickstarter to launch a deck-building version of the game called Don’t Turn Your Back. It has less than 48 hours before the funding completes — sorry, I would have posted it earlier but it’s been a rough few weeks. $40, not including the shipping costs, gets you a physical copy of the game, plus PDFs of DRYH and the fiction anthology. You can get just the PDFs for $10.

The game is for 2-4 players and they say it takes less than an hour to play. You’re trapped in Mad City, as are the others, and you’re currying favor with nightmares to buy power to try to escape. Or at least that’s what the overall game play appears to be. Could be very interesting, but I can’t back everything and I think I might pass on this one, though I might chip in $10 to get the fiction anthology.

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