Exploding kittens! Star Wars! Brainy ebooks!

Wow. So first, let’s talk about Exploding Kittens. This is a game by the creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s creator, Elan Lee. And it is nuts. Pure nuts. You take turns drawing from a deck, and if you draw an exploding kitty, you blow up and are out. But if you can distract them with a laser pointer card, or wear a cheetah butt, etc., you avoid the blast. I just hope they weight the deck so you can’t have an exploding kitten as your first card.

Anyway, the Kickstarter for this one sought $10,000. It has five days to run and has currently brought in $6.2 MILLION. The video is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to it. They say they’ll have a ship date of July ’15, so they must have the pre-production almost totally complete.

Next, Star Wars computer games. Man, talk about memories! I remember playing these things back in the ’90s when good game graphics were pretty new. This is a Humble Bundle that packages Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Academy, Dark Forces, Empire At War, The Force Unleashed I and II, and more. For $12. And the bundle is supporting UNICEF, so it’s a pretty good charity. This deal is good for another 3 days.


And in the ebook department, Humble has a brainiac bundle that teaches programming, electronics, Lego construction and robotics, and other cool stuff. 16 ebooks, DRM-free, for $15. Funds are supporting the EFF, definitely a worthwhile org, and it’s available for another four days.


Sorry about the short notice: my wife had the flu four weeks ago, I caught it three weeks ago, worked last week and now a sinus infection knocked me down this week. Such fun. And I only found out about the Exploding Kittens today.

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  • wynnmercere  On February 14, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    I’ll definitely check out the humble bundle. Always gotta support EFF! I’m “meh” about Exploding Kittens. I think “Unexploded Cow” is a much more solid, historically tongue in cheek game. Kittens is just too ridiculous (cheetah butts? wut?) for me.

    • waynezombie  On February 15, 2015 at 2:43 pm

      I think the only time that I played Unexploded Cows was with you two in Tempe at your condo, so just a couple of years ago. 😉 I don’t remember the specific issue, but I seem to recall it having a fundamental problem that I didn’t care for. I’ll play it again some time and see if I can isolate it, though I’ll also have to check and see if there’s an edition change: I think maybe Cheapass did a revision, but I’m not certain.

      For me, Kitties seems to hit my sweet spot for absurdity and feels like it’s a game that fits the style that I could have designed as I’ve certainly designed some things with similar feeling.

      I downloaded the books last night and got them uploaded to my Dropbox, haven’t had time to check them out yet, I have two papers to write for my library class by Wednesday.

      Last night we went to Las Cruces and played Betrayal at House on the Hill. Lots of fun, some excellent design elements, very easy to learn, but requires 3-6 players. I’m going to post a play report later in the week.

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