Grimtooth’s Traps, collected and funded via Kickstarter!

Back in the ’80s, Flying Buffalo published an amazing book called Grimtooth’s Traps. Grimtooth the Troll has been a sort of mascot for Buffalo since time in memorial. And now five or six of the books are being republished! The traps are systemless: you decide what it takes to detect and disarm or avoid, you decide how much damage they do. And a lot of the traps are just pure brutal: there was one, I believe it was by Liz Danforth and in the first book (which I have an original cover of), that was called the Cup of Golden Mead. It’s a cup of mead. And if you drink it, the mead transforms in to molten gold as it goes down your gullet. Good luck with that one!

That’s the sort of thing that you’ll encounter. Not all of them are massively lethal, some of them you wish they were.

The publisher is not Buffalo, they’ve authorized Goodman Games to collect them in to a single volume. And here’s the best part: not only is the project fully funded, Goodman has FINISHED ALL THE WORK. They have to work on the stretch goals, but that aside, they’re pretty much ready to go to press. They’ve blown through all their stretch goals: they started asking for $17,000 and they just blew past $142,000.

Here’s the bad part: the Kickstarter ends at 2am MST Wednesday morning, so about 32 hours from now. I apologize for not posting this earlier, the last couple of weeks have been weird and my wife was really sick over the weekend. And now I’m getting sick. So I’m blaming her.

But I have ordered the hardback for myself as I have material in a couple of the books. It’ll be cool to see them again. Now what I want to see is collected reprints of the Citybooks and Maps books!

Who knows. It could happen.

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