If you’re an American, please vote!

One thing that I find really sad is the drop in voter turnout in non-Presidential election years. I also find it amazing that a number of people don’t realize that there are these mid-term elections, and they are important. No, you’re not voting for the President of the United States. But you are voting for the entire House of Representatives, a third of the U.S. Senate, lots of local officials, state constitution amendments, and bond initiatives.

These are important things! And yes, voting is sometimes inconvenient, but there are ways of getting it done. First, your employer is required by law to give you an opportunity to vote. You also have options when it comes to voting in advance. My wife and I voted today because she’ll be working 15 hours or so all night next Monday and sleeping all day Tuesday, so going to the polls would be difficult for her.

I’m not going to say ‘Vote For Candidate X or Party Y’. I have my political opinions and you have yours, and I don’t want to discuss them here on this blog. Here I want to talk about games, though it could be argued that there are some amazing displays of gamesmanship going on in D.C. I just want people to vote. If you search for your county’s chapter of the League of Women Voters, you can probably find a decent analysis of what is happening in your local election. Your state’s Secretary of State’s office should also have a good breakdown of the various referendums that will be on the ballot.

A lot of people will argue that ‘I don’t vote because I’m fed up with the current system.’ I agree, totally. We have a bunch of idiots in Washington, but if you don’t vote, then you’re agreeing with the status quo. If new people go to Congress, then we have a chance for change.

The problem is that change is certain, progress is not. But we’re not going to get progress without change, so please vote.

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