My current Flash Point set up

I am unabashedly a huge fan of Flash Point: Fire Rescue.  I think my main reasons are that it’s cooperative, it can be played solo or with only two people, and it has a very visceral feel to it.  I’m not a big fan of abstract games, but that’s just me.  But there is one problem with Flash Point that’s almost inescapable: lots of fiddly bits and maps.  I have all of the expansions, including the bonus Dangerous Waters map that was funded as part of the Kickstarter for Extreme Danger, and I hated my organization.  I had lots of little plastic bags filled with stuff, and prior to Extreme Danger, I was rapidly running out of box space.  Fortunately ED included a second box, but even more fortunately I remembered an old solution used with the 1980’s Avalon Hill classic, Up Front: a fishing tackle box.


I went all over to craft and hobby stores, I went to Home Depot and Lowe’s.  No one had exactly what I was looking for, namely something that I could shift the internal walls to vary the size of the compartments.

I found my solution at Walmart, I think it was under $10.

It works pretty good, though it does take a little longer to set up a game.  But cleaning up is faster, and all I need is my original box with all of the maps and rules and my smaller box and I’m ready to game.


Speaking of gaming, I did a solo Flash Point Saturday that was great.  The first time that I played the submarine I got my butt handed to me.  I was running four roles: chief, veteran, rescue dog, and structural engineer.  Unfortunately the structural engineer and dog got trapped in the bow of the sub, the vet got blowed up, and I couldn’t get the chief from the back of the ship to extinguish the entry point and then get to the bow to free the dog and engineer before the sub sank.  Very frustrating game, but sometimes that’s the way the dice rolls.  Saturday I did a re-match, this time starting with the captain, the structural engineer, and CAFS.  The firefighters were able to clear a path for the engineer to extinguish all the hot spots and deal with initial explosion damage, after which the engineer became the haz mat tech and dispatched the three hazmats, and then became the generalist.

At the end game, I’d almost rescued all of the people and only had one damage cube on the board in a non-vital area.  And I succeeded in extinguishing all of the fire.  I’ll tell ya, that felt pretty good,  The only POI killed by a flashover turned out to be a false alarm, so no deaths!

I got lucky with explosions, and dealing with all of the hot spots as soon as possible was a definite help.  I think on the sub, a better strategy is to keep your non-firefighters working with a firefighter and keep one firefighter in the bow, one in the stern.

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