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Cards Against Humanity

My wife Russet and I attended Denver ComicCon with our hosts Kris & Dave on Saturday two weeks ago and we all had a marvelous time. One of my acquisitions was finding a copy of the adult card game, Cards Against Humanity, for sale.

It’s not adult as in sexually-explicit, it’s adult in that some of the cards have some moderately disgusting themes. It plays just like Apples To Apples, and you need a group of 4+ people to play, three people would just be boring. And warped senses of humor are a definite plus. The player whose turn it is reveals a black card, which will have one or two blanks. It might read something like “When I become a billionaire, I’ll erect a monument to ______”. The other players choose a white card from their hand of ten and play it face-down, you might end up with things like “Michelle Obama’s forearms”, “snot”, “a space/time paradox”, “Adderol”. The player who played the black card selects the one that they liked best, for whatever reason, and the person who played that card gets the black card as, I kid you not, an “Awesome point”. You can do things with Awesome points, but I won’t get in to that here.

Anyway, awesome game. Highly recommended, assuming you have the requisite twisted sense of humor.

I pulled it out while Dave was in the bathroom, explained it to Kris, and she was initially a little dubious. Russet hadn’t played Apple To Apples before, but she had played a game that I made called Karaoke Screams, which uses the same mechanic. Once Dave returned from his pilgrimage, we played for probably an hour and had lots of fun.

Cards Against Humanity is described on the box as “A Party Game For Horrible People”. I think that pretty much says it all. It’s also released under a Creative Commons license, you can download it and print it yourself if you don’t mind killing your printer. It’s available at the Cards Against Humanity web site.

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