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The Humble eBook Bundle

The Humble Bundle, for those of you who are unaware, is a pretty cool project used to promote things that may not be easily promoted by the creators and also raise money for charity: when you make your payment, you adjust sliders controlling how much money gets paid to the creators, to charity, and to the Humble Bundle organizers themselves.

The charities supported are: the Electronic Freedom Foundation, the Child’s Play Charity, and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. Over $7 million has been raised through various Humble Bundles.

Normally Humble Bundle is used to promote computer games that are cross-platform, they run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. They’re also DRM-free, which is a cool bonus. This time they’re promoting eBooks! And with some good names: Cory Doctorow, Mercedes Lackey, John Scalzi, and Neil Gaiman. Some of these books have never before been available digitally, and Gaiman’s book is making its digital debut here. They’re available in Kindle, ePub, PDF, and MOBI: and you can download all of them! And, like the games, they’re DRM-free!

Now here’s the interesting bit: YOU decide how much you’re going to pay for this bundle! You can pay $1, you can pay $100, you can pay $1000: it’s your decision. There is one catch to the eBook bundle: two of the books, Neil Gaiman & David McKean’s Signal To Noise, and John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, are only available if you pay more than the average donation. Yesterday that donation was a bit over $10, right now it’s $12.17. It’s still a great deal, and they got $15 from me for over $50 worth of eBooks.

Now if I could only find my Nook’s cable…

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