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Two more Kickstarter projects that I’m backing: Ace of Spies and Tahiti

Tahiti is a resource-gathering game that sort of has a Cataan feel to it in the way that you build the world out using hex tiles.  You row your canoe around islands harvesting food and avoiding reefs.  Seems interesting to me, and it supports 2-4 players, and I’m very fond of two player games.

Ace of Spies is a ‘Golden Age of Spying’ game set pre-World War 2, the Gentleman (and Woman) Spy era.  You have missions for which you must gather resources to complete before competing players finish them to score points, you can also burn cards to activate special powers, like scavenging through the discard deck.  Looks like a lot of fun, and there’s a five minute video hosted on The Geek.

The Kickstarter page:

A 5 minute video showing the game:

Both projects have made at least their base funding goals and complete soon, so commit now or wait for them in stores!

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