Reverb Gamers Master List #20

What was the most memorable character death you’ve ever experienced? What makes it stick with you?

I have had uncountable character deaths, but they were in Traveler character creation, so they don’t count.  Champions characters die very rarely and usually not in combat, they’re probably mostly from a combination of the player not wanting to run that character any more and wanting a dramatic exit, then add in a willing GM and you can engineer a pretty spectacular death.  I killed one character in combat, my assassin Nightshade who had been sent to kill the hero group Strike Force.  She had been abducted by a group called the Time Police, given powers and training, and conditioned to hate the heroes.  But she learned of the conditioning, subverted it, learned the truth, and eventually defected and joined Strike Force.  After many years of adventuring, Strike Force had a monster huge battle against the Time Police.  Powered armor everywhere, and we weren’t making progress.  Well, Nightshade needless to say had a bit of a hatred of the Time Police, and out of frustration flew up a fair distance and did a Power Dive Move Through into one of the suits of powered armor.  Straight down in to the ground.

It produced quite a crater.

I don’t remember how many dice it generated, I believe on the order of 30-40.

And it didn’t kill the powered armor.  It did knock the operator unconscious in to the next election cycle.  It did quite a number on Nightshade, and I declared her dead.  The funny thing was, that after I totaled up the dice, she actually survived the impact, and she regenerated, so technically she would have survived the blow.

But the Time Police fled the battle, so we won, so it was worth it and we had lots of good role-playing afterwards.

Being a true super hero, I resurrected her in a slightly different form as part of a different group that became The Greatest Firefighters In All The World And Canada.

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