Reverb Gamers Master List #19

What’s the weirdest character you’ve ever played? How did you end up with him/her/it?

Three come to mind that were pretty weird, all were Champions characters. One was a fox who had a pet girl. She could speak and was a great gadgeteer and martial artist. As I recall, I didn’t get a lot of mileage out of her, but she was kind of fun to run.  I think that maybe she wasn’t in the right campaign and might have done better in another.

Another was one of the few that I based on fictional or comic book characters. In the early 80’s there was a comicbook by Joshua Quagmire called Cutey Bunny. She was an anthropomorphic rabbit who had a magic amulet that let her change forms and gained various powers from them. A friend in the group made custom cardboard heroes for some of our characters, and he made a different one for each of Cutey Bunny’s forms. That was not my character. My character was a friend and an occasional nemesis known as Vixen, an anthropomorphic fox. She was an absolute blast to run. The campaign that we were in was very accommodating to anthropomorphic characters, so that was cool. I remember chasing a fellow hero player character into and out of the men’s restroom, him screaming. Good times.

Third and final, Damian Styx, whom I’ve previously mentioned in these Reverb Gamers list. He was a wizard who bore the inescapable stench of pure and utter evil, even though he was a good guy. I ran him as a player character in one campaign and as an NPC in another as a friend/traveling companion of another PC. In the second game there was another player character who was a vampire/demon hunter who would basically go berserk whenever he saw Styx and try to kill him. Fortunately Styx had dimensional teleport and had little difficulty escaping.

How did I end up with them?  No idea.  The actual fox with the pet human was just a weird idea that I had.  I’ve always liked the idea of an animal with a pet person and finally designed it.  The second was a combination of some design elements that I found interesting.  Another player had designed Vixen but wasn’t really interested in running her, he and the GM agreed to let me run my design and it was a lot of fun.  The third was based on a character in a book by Jack L. Chalker, And The Devil Will Drag You Under.  I found the concept interesting and had a lot of fun running him.

Some cool examples run by friends of mime: A friend of mine had what I think was one of the ultimate weird characters.  He was a warlord for a necromancer who led armies conquering the world, until he had a pang of conscience and ultimately was cursed with having to do good.  In one campaign that I ran, one guy ran a set of powered armor that did not have a body inside: he had been captured by cultists who decided that, since he had such a spiffy set of powered armor, that he didn’t really need a corporeal body.  And then there was the case of a Champions dependent non-player character who in the course of the campaign earned enough XP to become a player character.

We had a lot of fun over the years.

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