Reverb Gamers Master List #18

Have you ever “cheated” on a die roll/random chance outcome, or looked up a quest solution on a fan site? Why or why not? If yes, was it worth it?

I probably did once or twice when I was younger, and I’m sure that I’ve miscounted dice on occasion.  But I’ve resigned myself to the fact that sometimes dice don’t like me.  I’ve never had a favorite or lucky set of dice, for me the dice seem to be fairly random number generators and sometimes they favor me and sometimes they don’t.  I did it because I was stupid, it may have provided momentary satisfaction to succeed or something, or at least not fail quite so catastrophically, but no, it wasn’t worth it.  Part of playing RPGs is learning to roll with the blows.  I never turned a miss into a crit, or a critical fumble into a miss, just occasionally nudged them up or down a point or two to change a failure into a success.

Looking up quest solutions.  I do this all the time in World of Warcraft.  I play for fun, and I don’t play every day for hours at a time.  I might skip several days and just not remember where X is, so I’ll jump on to find out where to go to progress the quest.  I don’t consider this cheating.  I won’t use the ‘everyone does it’ excuse, role-playing games are not zero-sum games.  For me to win, you don’t have to lose.  We play for fun, and if we have fun, we win.  Minor cheats like this do not normally diminish the fun that others have with the game.

Having said that, grossly cheating can certainly ruin the fun for everyone.  The person who crits multiple times a session, or always gets a 6 on his killing attack stun multiplier, etc.  These people do diminish the fun for others and need to be dealt with, either by a talk from the GM or by forcing them to make all rolls in the open so that everyone can see them.

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