Reverb Gamers Master List #4

Are you a “closet gamer?” Have you ever hidden the fact that you’re a gamer from your co-workers, friends, family, or significant other? Why or why not? How did they react if they found out?

Not in the least.  My parents knew when I started plaing T&T back in high school and did not object, and I recruited a number of friends around me.  Later, when I started working at Flying Buffalo, I was surrounded by like-minded people and these became part of my core group of friends whom I’ve known for 30 years.

I would differentiate between ‘hidden’ and ‘don’t advertise’.  When I go in for a job interview, I don’t say “I roll dice for fun!”, but after I get the job, I will slowly send out tendrils and frequently I’ll find other gamers in my workplace.  It’s not difficult to find real or potential gamers in any place: if people have an interest in science fiction or fantasy books, they’re likely receptive to gaming.  This is not absolute, but it can be indicative.  Every gamer that I know reads science fiction and fantasy, and most of the people whom I know that read SF/F are also gamers.

I’ve never concealed my gaming interests from prior girlfriends, and in most cases, they would join me gaming.  When my wife found me online, we rapidly determined that she had indeed been a gamer during her college years and she was instantly welcomed and heartily embraced by my gaming group and I think she was playing Champions with us within six months of our meeting.

So I do not hide my gamer status.  I may not blatantly advertise the fact, but I don’t hide it.

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