Reverb Gamers Master List #3

What kind of gamer are you? Rules Lawyer, Munchkin/Power Gamer, Lurker, Storyteller/Method Actor, or something else?

I definitely prefer the storyteller mode.  I’ve played crunchy games, I’ve played with rules lawyers and munchkins, and I definitely prefer storyteller.  I’ve been accused of being a min-max designer in Champions, trying to crank out every possible erg of power, but the truth behind that is my profession as a database designer coming through and showing my desire for efficiency.  And you wouldn’t believe how skills-heavy I or my group were, when my friends from Flying Buffalo had a chance to play Champions with the group from Hero Games, the Hero People were amazed at how skill-heavy the Buffalo’s were.

But what it boils down to is this: if, after character creation and after you’ve played the game a few times, you have to refer to the rules more often than once every hour or two, then it’s too rules-heavy for me.

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